Display of Content ACF fields

Content group includes Image, File, Wysiwyg, oEmbed and Gallery fields.

Editor (built-in)

Used to manage field values in the admin area.

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Template (by Advanced Views)

Used to configure display of the field values on front.

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After assigning target fields to the template, the plugin automatically generates markup for them and a unique shortcode. You can specify labels and customize the generated Twig template to create a specific layout.

To display the field values, simply paste the generated shortcode in the desired location. The plugin will automatically retrieve the current values and render the template.

Front look (by Advanced Views)

The output below is styled as rows and includes labels for demonstration purposes. You can customize the markup as needed and combine fields from different groups.


Image with Lightbox (Pro)

File field



Some long text with the control of HTML:

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In the Pro version, in addition to displaying values from meta fields, you can also create   custom Gutenberg blocks.

The masonry look is achieved using the Macy.js library, while the Lightbox is created using the LightGallery library. The InlineCarousel is also powered by the LightGallery library.

Advanced Views Pro automatically generates basic configurations for these libraries and loads them only on pages where they are needed. In the target View, you can customize any instance using the available options for each library.