Custom Gutenberg blocks (Pro)

Advanced Views Pro extends the ACF Blocks feature and allows you to create custom Gutenberg blocks as easily as checking a single checkbox. You still have full control over the auto-generated Twig template, so you can achieve any look without the need for time-consuming actions.

Editor (built-in)

Used to manage field values in the admin area.

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Template (by Advanced Views)

Used to configure display of the field values on front.

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After assigning target fields to the template, the plugin automatically generates markup for them and a unique Gutenberg block. You can specify labels and customize the generated Twig template to create a specific layout.

Then visit target page or post and add the new Gutenberg block from the library to the page. Fill out values and saved the page to see the output on the front.

Front look (by Advanced Views)

My gallery

It’s a custom Gutenberg block created using Advanced Views. Blocks can include various ACF fields, ranging from simple ones like Text and Textarea to more complex ones like Gallery and Maps. Below, we’ve added a gallery with Masonry and Lightbox. The advantage of Gutenberg blocks is that they can be reused multiple times on the same page and offer better performance than post meta fields.