Advanced Views Demo website

This is a demonstration website showcasing the capabilities of the Adavanced Views plugin. Explore the menu links in the site header to see the plugin in action.

The front-end appearance of this website is created using the Twenty-Twenty-Four WordPress block theme and the Advanced Views plugin.

About the plugin

Advanced Views is a WordPress plugin designed to provide Smart Templates that simplify content display. It offers built-in post queries and automated template generation, allowing for rapid development while retaining flexibility. For more information, visit the official website.

Is Advanced Views similar to page builders?

No, Advanced Views is not a page builder. Page builders provide a user interface (UI) but often limit creative freedom by taking control of markup and CSS, resulting in less control and poor performance.

Advanced Views offers Smart Templates that enhance the development process without sacrificing creative freedom. These Templates accelerate the process and handle routine tasks efficiently.

What does Advanced Views assist with?

1. Automatic markup generation

Advanced Views generates templates, known as Views, automatically. To create a View, select target fields (ACF, WordPress, or WooCommerce), and the plugin generates a Twig template specific to the current View.

Does “automatically generated” always mean lower quality?

No, the absence of a UI for styling in Advanced Views is intentional. This approach enables the plugin to generate unique markup customized to your specific requirements, free from unnecessary wrappers or classes. Advanced Views follows the BEM methodology and incorporates your field names, resulting in concise and easily understandable class names.

Will the generated markup suit my layout?

The default markup is suitable for many simple cases without any changes. However, for more complex layouts, Views allow easy editing of the generated Twig template, providing a customizable foundation to work from.

2. Automatic field value fetching

When you create a View, you receive a unique shortcode (or Gutenberg block) that can be inserted anywhere. Once added to a page, the plugin automatically retrieves values from the chosen fields and renders the template. This eliminates the need to manually fetch and process field values, allowing you to focus on layout and styling.

3. Database query building

Advanced Views introduces Cards, enabling you to create WP_Query instances using a user-friendly interface. The results are passed into the automatically generated Twig template of the Card, allowing you to create specific layouts without the need to delve into WP_Query documentation. This simplifies the process and lets you concentrate on layout design.

4. Automatic library integration (Pro)

Advanced Views Pro offers assistance in creating sliders, masonry layouts, and other JavaScript-related layouts. However, it does so without taking control away from you.

We’ve chosen jQuery-free, lightweight, and well-known libraries, loading them directly into our plugin. You can select the desired library, and the plugin will automatically load it on the target pages.

Additionally, it generates basic configurations for instances, streamlining the setup process while preserving your control over customization and library options.

Performance and Best practices


Thanks to the approach, Advanced Views avoids common issues associated with classic page builders. In addition, we have taken significant steps to optimize the performance of Smart Templates.

As a result, the additional overhead introduced by a single ACF View/Card on a page is minimal, adding only 0.01 seconds* compared to traditional coding. This performance impact is virtually imperceptible and can only be detected through rigorous testing.

*For more details on the test, click here.

Best practices

Smart Templates are designed to adhere to best practices by default. These templates are modular and use Twig as their rendering engine. They also adopt the BEM approach for class naming and incorporate Web Components for JavaScript.

The plugin streamlines the template structure and provides a solid foundation, allowing you to concentrate on the creative aspects of your project.

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